Solarvest Signs Agreements With EU Production Facilities

SOLARVEST BIOENERGY, in order to accelerate its market presence and to satisfy demand for its Organic Omega products, Solarvest has signed agreements with two EU contract production facilities. These facilities will implement Solarvest's proprietary production process and algae strains to produce high value Omega-3's to Solarvest's specifications.

Facility One: At this facility, production of high-DHA product samples has commenced that will be suitable for formulation and testing by prospective customers in the EU and North America. This production agreement will ensure the rapid procurement of sample product for Solarvest's customers to formulate and test Solarvest's all-natural organic Omega-3's in their existing products and applications. Analysis will be done to generate data for registration as a nutritional food ingredient.

Facility Two: This facility is currently producing high quality, EU approved, organic products and Solarvest is working with them to facilitate commercial scale production using Solarvest's process. The Company is scaling up to produce commercial production volumes.

Production at these facilities will coincide with the continued development of the Company's production capabilities at its PEI facility.

The Company intends to sell the bulk Omega-3 product produced at the EU facilities to food processors, while Solarvest's PEI facility will continue to develop downstream processing, finishing procedures and technologies required to produce high value added Omega products to satisfy specific customer specifications.

Source: Solarvest BioEnergy Inc.
Date: Sep 10, 2014