Neste Oil launches Neste Pro Diesel in Lithuania

Neste Oil's premium-quality Neste Pro Diesel containing NEXBTL renewable diesel is now available in Lithuania. It will be distributed through the company's local retail network and its 51 stations. Up until now, Neste Pro Diesel was only available in Finland.

"The Baltic region, and the Baltic countries in particular, is a key market area for Neste Oil," says Panu Kopra, Neste Oil's Vice President, Baltic Rim. "Our strategic goal is to be the preferred partner for cleaner fuels across the region, and extending the distribution of Neste Pro Diesel to Lithuania is very much in line with this.

"Bringing Neste Pro Diesel to Lithuania is an important step for us and will further strengthen our position as the quality leader on the local market. Neste Pro Diesel represents a true quality fuel and offers multiple benefits for drivers and their vehicles, as numerous tests have confirmed."

Neste Pro Diesel is produced at Neste Oil's Porvoo refinery in Finland and is compatible with all diesel engines. Using Neste Pro Diesel can reduce fuel consumption and emissions, as well as enhance engine performance. Its excellent low-temperature properties also result in better vehicle reliability during the winter.

Neste Pro Diesel is the first fuel to comply with the WWFC 5 specification drawn up as part of the Worldwide Fuel Charter. Fuels are expected to meet strict requirements under WWFC 5, designed to ensure the long-term, trouble-free operation of engines and vehicle emission control systems. The WWFC 5 specification excludes conventional FAME-type biodiesel completely.

Source: Nestle Oil
Date: Oct 8, 2014