Neste Selected to Implement SunPine's Tall Oil Rosin Production Facility

Technology, engineering and project management company Neste Jacobs and SunPine, producing biochemicals and feedstock for second-generation renewable fuels, have signed an agreement for Neste Jacobs to perform EPCM services to construct a Tall Oil Rosin production facility in Piteå, Sweden. The facility is expected to be operational in the second half of year 2015 and will deliver rosin to Lawter facility in Kallo, Belgium.

At the time the new rosin plant is up and running, SunPine will be producing three different products: Raw tall diesel - a feedstock used in the production of renewable diesel, rosin - a raw material used in the production of derivatives, including printing ink and adhesives, and tall oil pitch - an energy product used in the paper industry.

Neste Jacobs will carry out the project from its offices in Gothenburg, Sweden and Turku, Finland.

"We are proud to serve SunPine in their new rosin plant investment, since we are very aware of the value of the project for SunPine both from the employment and product portfolio point of view", says Jarmo Suominen, Managing Director of Neste Jacobs. "Expertise in Tall Oil process design is part of our core competences and the project now awarded to us is a great add-on to reach our target of being the preferred solution provider for biorefining industries."

"We are fully aware of Neste Jacobs' high expertise and track record in biorefining industry and especially Tall Oil technology", says Magnus Edin, CEO of SunPine. "We are happy to work with Neste Jacobs and we are convinced that the EPCM project now started will be a success."

Source: Nestle Oil
Date: Nov 24, 2014