Oregon Bioscience Association Welcome Oregon's Vote

The Oregon Environmental Quality Commission vote to move forward with implementation of the state’s Clean Fuels Program is a positive step for advanced biofuel producers and technology developers. Advanced biofuels will be necessary to reducing Oregon’s transportation sector carbon emissions, and stable, forward-looking policies support investment in domestic low carbon fuels.

Brent Erickson, executive vice president of BIO’s Industrial & Environmental Section, stated, “Implementation of Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program will provide a strong signal to the advanced biofuel industry that investments in producing cleaner fuels can pay off. We applaud Oregon’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions from the transportation sector and replacing foreign oil with homegrown advanced biofuels.”

Dennis McNannay, executive director of the Oregon Bioscience Association, added, “Oregon-based companies are commercializing cutting-edge advanced biofuel technology and creating high-paying jobs in the state. Oregon’s Clean Fuels Program will help maintain the state’s reputation as a leader in clean energy and innovation.”


Source: Biotechnology Industry Organization
Date: Jan 9, 2015