GEP and Jayme da Costa Join Forces to Develop the Construction of Wind and Solar Power Plants

The constructor of power plants, GEP and the Portuguese group Jayme da Costa have signed a partnership agreement to develop the construction of wind and solar power plants in France and abroad.

Jayme da Costa is a Portuguese group, a hundred years old this year, primarily involved in the provision of engineering, studies and materials for the construction of wind and solar power plants. Jayme da Costa thus has more than 2,700 MW of wind power plants and more than 400 MWp of solar power plants to its credit, making the group one of the most experienced European players.

Jayme da Costa, backed by an international technical design office, is a skilled manufacturer of equipment and metal structures for photovoltaics. These skills, for internal use so far, will now be immediately made available for GEP. The Portuguese group is also involved in plant equipment and in the construction of substations of up to 400 kV. Jayme da Costa will thus bring a great experience and maturity to GEP.

Faced with the many projects arising in France, but especially abroad, turnkey constructors of power plants like GEP need to be structured in order to have a first-rank European team. As part of this partnership, Jayme da Costa will concentrate on project engineering studies and the supply of equipment, GEP being in charge of the sourcing of projects, their financing and construction till their grid connection.

The association with Jayme da Costa will thus contribute to the significant increase in turnover of GEP. GEP is working on several solar and wind projects abroad and intends to elaborate its offers through the GEP-JDC partnership.


"After the acquisition of the French company Sénergies, GEP wished to strengthen its expertise and found in Jayme da Costa the key player to form an immediately operational partnership. We have been working together since 2012 and have had plenty of time to note our perfect complementarity.

The projects abroad require a lot of preliminary technical studies, an efficient team for the supplies and especially seasoned technicians. By joining forces with Jayme da Costa, GEP reinforces its ambition to become a leading player in renewable energy on an international level."


"Jayme da Costa has decided to focus on engineering and on supply of wind and solar power plants worldwide. Through this partnership, GEP will be able to benefit from our engineering strength, our expertise and our global references in order to become a leading player.

No doubt this partnership, combining experience and dynamism, will become known very quickly among the global players in our profession."

Source: GEP
Date: Mar 15, 2016