XsunX Sees Growth in Solar Canopy, Energy Storage, and EV Charging Solutions Sales Interest

XsunX, Inc., a leading solar and energy saving technologies provider, announced today that sales interest in its popular solar car/truck port, energy storage, and EV charging configurations now outpace all other product offerings.

"Earlier this year, we outlined our anticipation that a sizable portion of our revenue growth will come from the sale of our solar car/truck port systems along with energy storage technologies," stated Tom Djokovich, CEO of XsunX, Inc. "Today our solar car/truck port systems make up approximately 70% of the over $3.4 million in our current project bid channel and clients routinely request energy storage and/or EV charging solutions to be included in approximately half of all project's we quote."

This advanced level of paired energy production, management, and use sophistication seems to be evolving as the driving force for XsunX's trajectory. The use of solar canopies that provide clients with the ability to utilize previously underutilized facilities such as parking areas, storage, or loading docks, combined with intelligent energy storage and EV charging further underscores the value of the Company's offerings through the ability to meet a full range of client needs.

"We believe the numbers in our growing sales, and sales channel, underscore the value of investments we made early on in developing this turn-key product group, and we look forward to capitalizing on the market interest in these hybrid solutions, concluded Mr. Djokovich."

Source: XsunX, Inc.
Date: Aug 15, 2017