Siemens Develops New Neozed Fuse Bases



Siemens has developed new base holders for Neozed fuses in one-pole and three-pole designs and sizes D01 and D02. Made of heat-resistant plastic, the new bases replace the existing Siemens devices. Eight new variants for 16 A and 63 A rated currents were developed. The compact devices are especially safe to use and, thanks to new terminals, can be easily mounted in distribution boards. For the first time, the devices are available with LED indicators that clearly show whether the fuse has been tripped due to an overload or short circuit and must be replaced.


The new Neozed fuse bases from Siemens are especially safe to operate and easy to install thanks to their new double-frame terminals.

The Neozed fuse system is used primarily in distribution boards and industrial switchgear. The system is also approved for home installation. The main considerations in developing the new fuse bases were safety and ease of installation. The new bases are well protected against accidental contact, since an integrated plastic cover protects the terminals. This also makes them easier to install since there is no need to mount an additional safety cover. In addition, the terminals were redesigned and replaced by a double-frame version for connecting the conductor and the busbar. This means that two conductors can also be connected. The bases are made of heat-resistant plastic, which guarantees safe operation at high current loads and high ambient temperatures.

Fuses provide optimum protection against overloads and short circuits for cables, machines and equipment. To minimize the impact of a short circuit, for example, fuses ensure safe and fast shutdown. Siemens offers fuses for all areas of application, including circuit-breakers and the protection of equipment and machines

Source: Siemens AG
Date: Nov 23, 2017