Seat Wins the Healthy Company Award for its Commitment to the Health of its Workers

SEAT has won the Healthy Company award, in the Large Company category, for its commitment to the health and well-being of its workers. The 4th edition of these awards, which recognise the efforts made by companies whose management policies include a commitment to the well-being of their workforce, placed particular emphasis on the company’s strategic plan to enhance health and safety in the working environment.

A panel made up of professionals from companies in the human capital field highlighted SEAT’s high level measures to ensure the health of its workers. They were particularly impressed by the annual medical check-ups for the entire workforce with examinations that are adapted to the characteristics of each job, and by the creation of CARS (Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre), pioneering facilities in healthcare, preventive and rehabilitation medicine for the company’s more than 14,500 workers.

When accepting the distinction, Dr. Carlos Batalla, head of the medical services of the SEAT Group, pointed out that “this award recognises the work we have been doing for a long time at SEAT in the interest of the health, safety and well-being of our workers, and which has resulted in projects such as CARS or the creation of the Healthy Company Scientific Committee”.

The road to becoming a ‘Healthy Company’

Besides being the first company in the automotive sector to receive the AENOR Healthy Company certification, this year SEAT put CARS into operation with a 3.3 million euro investment. CARS is a pioneering centre in advanced medicine located at the heart of the company in Martorell. It is staffed by a team of 25 healthcare professionals and offers services such as gynaecological examinations for the company’s over 3,000 female employees, traumatology, cardiology, fitness activities and mental health programmes, among others.

In addition, this year SEAT’s Healthy Company Scientific Committee was created with renowned professionals such as Dr. Stefanos Kales, a professor at Harvard University, and Dr. Bonaventura Clotet, recognised worldwide in the field of AIDS research, who are conducting research into nutrition, mental health and the human microbiome, aimed at offering results and disseminating concrete measures that enhance SEAT’s contribution to a healthier society.

Following the award ceremony, SEAT participated in a round table to explain the key factors behind the success of its healthy company strategic model.

Source: VW Corporate
Date: Dec 5, 2017