Pattern Energy to Enter Japan Market with Acquisition of Projects and a Modest Investment in Development

Pattern Energy Group Inc. today announced a series of transactions highlighted by: 1) agreements to acquire 206 megawatts ("MW") of owned capacity in projects from Pattern Energy Group LP ("Pattern Development 1.0") and Green Power Investments ("GPI"); and 2) an additional investment in Pattern Energy Group 2 LP ("Pattern Development 2.0") to fund the acquisition of a controlling interest in GPI, a Japanese renewable developer, from Pattern Development 1.0.

"These investments represent Pattern Energy's entry into the exciting Japanese renewables market by acquiring a portfolio of projects and by making an additional investment in Pattern Development 2.0 to fund a well-established operating and development management team, GPI," said Mike Garland, CEO of Pattern Energy. "Japan is one of the largest electrical grids in the world and has one of the most robust renewable energy markets. Under the Feed-in Tariff ("FiT") power contracts, these initial projects average ¥25,340 per megawatt hour ("MWh") (or the equivalent of $230/MWh at an ¥110/USD exchange rate). GPI's development pipeline consists of 2.4 gigawatts ("GW") of projects, including 600 MW of wind capacity which have qualified for FiT contracts. Additionally, we believe that as we grow our portfolio, we will be able to enhance our economics over time with the use of local, low cost capital."   

Transaction Highlights

  • Increases Pattern Energy's operating portfolio to nearly 4 GW of gross capacity, with more than 2.9 GW of owned capacity, across 25 projects, including the projects it has agreed to acquire
  • The 206 MW portfolio consists of two operating solar projects (Futtsu and Kanagi), one operating wind project (Otsuki) and two in-construction wind projects (Ohorayama and Tsugaru)
  • The cash purchase price for the 84 MW portfolio of Futtsu, Kanagi, Otsuki and Ohorayama is approximately $131.5 million, which represents a 10.5x multiple of the five-year average cash available for distribution1 ("CAFD")
  • The cash purchase price for the 122 MW Tsugaru project is approximately $194.0 million, which represents a 9.0x multiple of the five-year average CAFD1 starting with the first full year of operations in 2021
  • A $27 million investment in Pattern Development 2.0's acquisition of Pattern Development 1.0's controlling interest in GPI
  • All funding required for the transactions will be provided from available liquidity at Pattern Energy

Source: Pattern Energy Group LP
Date: Feb 26, 2018