Electric Power Grid Protection & Control in a World of 33% Renewables Seminar

A Two-Day Classroom Seminar (CPE Approved) 17 April, 2018 - 18 April, 2018, Irving (Dallas), TX, United States

Power system Protection and Control (P&C) of various electrical equipment and apparatus requires good understanding of phase and ground short circuit currents, detection, and safe clearing of the faulted equipment. This course is ideal for engineers shifting into the field of Protection and Control. This program starts with a thorough overview of power system fundamentals, design approach and short circuit calculations principles which lead to the understanding of protection scheme requirements and its applications.

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Protection requirements for industrial plants, cogeneration, and interconnection with utility power system are explained in detail. This course covers the subject of power system protection from a practical perspective, and includes important functional specs such as testing and coordination of protection systems. This course is designed for individuals who are involved with industries and utilities to get up to speed and to learn how to design and protect electrical systems.


What You Will Learn

  1. REFRESH your knowledge of power systems design, planning, analysis, protective device applications, protective relay schemes, and relay coordination for safe and efficient operation of electrical power systems and equipment
  2. DEVELOP your own relay settings and thoroughly understand the philosophy of protective systems
  3. Learn Distributed Energy Resources" ("DER") grid interconnection in the real world
  4. LEARN actual cases illustrating various techniques in present use and highlighting particular approaches used by experienced system designers
  5. ENHANCE your experience with power system protection problems generally faced and solutions successfully adopted by industry
  6. UNDERSTAND how to apply microprocessor-based multi-function relays on PROTECTION of various power system equipment and apparatus
  7. GAIN valuable experience from an instructor who spent more than three decades of consulting work around the world to various utility and industrial power systems


You Will Also Learn

  1. Technology Issues in the modern "Distributed Energy Resources" ("DER")
  2. From Smart Grid to Smart Energy Use
  3. The Smart Grid Vision and Roadmap for California
  4. Realizing the Potential of Renewable and "Distributed Energy Resources" ("DER")
  5. Renewables Integration Through Direct Load Control and Demand Response
  6. The European experience and outcome
  7. Energy Storage
  8. Long-distance Transmission
  9. Protection & Control of grid components: Generators; Transformers; Substations; Transmission; Feeders
  10. Case Study: Integrating 33% Renewables & DER into the Power Grid
  11. Overview of electrical utility and industrial
  12. Power systems grid fundamentals
  13. System design considerations
  14. System planning
  15. Power system configuration
  16. Power system analysis
  17. Principles of power system protection
  18. Ground fault protection
  19. High voltage substation protection
  20. Differential protection relaying
  21. Sequence current components in protection
  22. Feeder protection
  23. Transformer protection
  24. Transmission line protection

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Your Instructor

Eric Stark
Eric Stark is a Senior Trainer and Consultant of RNItechnology. He has more than 32 years of consulting and training experience and practice in industrial applications, utilities and academics in North America and around the world.

Eric has extensive experience in power system design, studies and commissioning, special emphasis on protection, power quality, power system grounding, power flow, short circuit, arc flash, transient stability, transient switching analysis and harmonic studies.

Eric’s recent work included several generation, micro-grid, subway and utility projects in North America and Middle East, including system and stability studies. Eric was involved in protective relay settings, transfer schemes, coordination, and load shedding schemes.

In addition to his vast professional experience, Eric is the author of technical papers for major players like General Electric, Institute of Technology, Digital Energy and has prepared and conducted numerous courses, workshops and tutorials in academics and industry, globally, for GE and RNItechnology clients.

Eric's experience includes industries such as oil and gas, silver, gold and phosphate mining, cogeneration, utility systems, pulp and paper, and many application projects.

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 20, 2018