Scania's Gas Bus As Efficient As Diesel Buses

In February, the collaborative Swedish organisation Biogas Öst together with the Sörmland Regional Council conducted a test in which a Scania biogas bus followed a regional bus in regular traffic. According to Biogas Öst, the results were above expectations.

“The fact that biogas buses can now run at the same or lower fuel cost as diesel-powered in regional traffic means a lot of opportunities for sustainable cost-effective and fossil-free public transport,” says Martin Ahrne, vice president of Biogas East.

The biogas consumption during the test corresponds to an energy consumption of 290 kWh per 100 km compared to today’s biogas buses average fuel consumption 578 kWh per 100 km.

Scania’s new gas bus takes the lead
The recently published report by Biogas Öst shows that an average gas bus has been significantly more expensive than a diesel bus over a ten-year period. However, the report shows that Scania’s newly developed gas bus in regional traffic has the potential to actually be cheaper in operation compared with a modern diesel bus.

Biogas Öst is a collaborative organisation with almost 40 members from the public sector, the industry and the academia.

Source: VW Corporate
Date: Apr 9, 2018