Microgrids & DERS Summit

Building a Resilient, Efficient and Sustainable Energy Future 25 September, 2018 - 26 September, 2018, Alexandria, VA, United States

The 2018 Summit is a senior level educational forum. It will focus on the technical capabilities and innovations that are increasingly allowing for microgrids to serve as an effective conduit for increased penetration of renewables and DERS into the grid.
Equally, the Summit will also develop the strategic business models and use cases while discussing the current regulatory landscape.

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Why Should you Attend the Summit?

  • RSC professional forums offer you the rare opportunity to truly partake in senior level, in depth dialogue and discussions towards the topics at hand.
  • We bring together a diverse group of leaders, innovators, implementers and end-users to engage in two days of detailed, moderated plenary and panel discussions that are driven by actionable take aways for all in attendance.
  • Seating is limited! Our forum invokes the feel of a 'Town Hall' format (round table seating), where you are offered the ability to help shape the topics at hand by offering your perspective, ideas and questions during the sessions.
  • Ample networking time is built in to both days to allow for you to meet and engage all in attendance in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Join us and walk away with knowledge gained, and collaborations established as leaders in the community come together to build out the near future of microgrids and DERS.


2018 Summit Key Focus Areas to Include:

Technical Topics

  • Advancements in microgrid controllers: intelligent software for load prediction, management and enabling optimal cooperation among DERS
  • Cyber resilience strategies and capabilities
  • Capabilities needed from a distributed energy resource management system (DERMS) to help integrate microgrids into the grid
  • Energy storage advancements
  • Cloud computing and advanced data analytics in optimizing DR, energy efficiency, and DER management
  • Real time remote monitoring advancements and machine learning capabilities
  • Tactical edge capabilities to support Forward Deployed Bases

Business Models, Use Cases and Regulatory Affairs

  • Emerging U.S. military strategies and use cases for enhancing energy security and resiliency through increased use of microgrids and DERs
  • Evolving business models for integrating microgrids and DERS into the Grid
  • Use cases for implementing a blockchain, and emerging strategies towards transactive energy methodologies
  • The Regulatory landscape towards microgrids and DERS integration into the Grid

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Several Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Mr. Thomas Fanning, Chairman, CEO & President, Southern Company
  • Mr. Bruce Walker, Assistant Secretary, Office of Electricity and Acting Assistant Secretary, Office of CESAR, U.S. Department of Energy
  • Ms. Lisa A. Jung, SES, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Installation Energy (IE), OASD(EI&E))
  • The Honorable Mr. John W. Henderson, Assistant Secretary of the Air Force, Installations, Environment and Energy, USAF
  • Dr. Paul Chodak III, Executive Vice President – Utilities, American Electric Power
  • Mr. Jay Stowe, Senior Vice President, Distributed Energy Resources, Tennessee Valley Authority
  • The Honorable Mrs. Phyllis Bayer, Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Energy, Installations and Environment)
  • Mr. Jordan Gillis, Acting Assistant Secretary of the Army (Installations, Energy and Environment), U.S. Army
  • Mr. Leonardo Moreno, Senior Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Investment; Chief Risk Officer, AES Corporation
  • Mr. Frank Almaraz, Senior Vice President of Strategy and Commercial Operations, CPS Energy
  • Ms. Denise Foster, VP, State & Member Services, PJM Interconnection
  • Mr. Joseph Power, VP Federal Legislative and Regulatory Affairs, Ameren
  • Mr. Jim Horan, Director, Regulatory Affairs, NRECA
  • Mr. Bill Lawrence, Director of the Electricity ISAC; Senior Director, NERC
  • Dr. Sherif Abdelrazek, Senior Engineer, Distributed Energy Technologies, Duke Energy
  • Mr. Andy Haun, SVP, Chief Technology Officer, Microgrids, Schneider Electric
  • Dr. Sonja Glavaski, Program Director, ARPA-E
  • Dr. Craig Rieger, Chief Control Systems Research Engineer, Idaho National Laboratory
  • Mr. Bob Morris, Chief Engineering Services Officer, Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories
  • Ms. Marnie Bailey, Chief, Power Management, CP&ID, CERDEC (U.S. Army)
  • Mr. Karl Rabago, Professor of Law and Executive Director, Pace Energy and Climate Center
  • Dr. Nicholas Judson, Assistant Group Leader, Energy Systems, MIT Lincoln Laboratory
  • Mr. Will Agate, Vice President, Microgrid Services, Ameresco
  • Mr. Ron Ambrosio, Chair Emeritus of the Gridwise Architecture Council and co-founder; Chief Scientist at Utopus Insights

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Aug 14, 2018