Georgia Power and United Renewable Energy Expand Community Solar Program

United Renewable Energy™ (URE™) is proud to announce the completion of a 2-Megawatt AC solar facility as the first installment of Georgia Power's Community Solar program. This project is a win for all Georgia Power residential customers, as they are now able to source a portion of their energy use from a local, clean, renewable resource by participating in Georgia Power's Community Solar Program. This is also a win for the Comer community and the facility land owner.

Hosting a solar array is an ideal way for Scott and Patricia Carey to turn previously open pasture land into a revenue producing asset. The family farm is adjacent to a nearly 100-year-old country store, in an area known as Gholston's Stand. This lightly rolling land turned out to be an ideal location to support solar. The project is owned by Georgia Power and was developed, designed and constructed by United Renewable Energy. The associated renewable energy credits (RECs) are retired on behalf of Georgia Power's Community Solar Program participants.

"In the farming economy, where diversification is increasingly vital, solar projects use the sun and land to bring a stable income stream to landowners," stated William Silva, CEO of URE™. "Georgia Power again proves to be the landowner and developer's best choice to partner with on this exciting renewable energy project."

Source: United Renewable Energy
Date: Sep 17, 2018