Gasification 2019 Conference

  • March 13-14, 2019
  • Brussels, Belgium

Our 8th Gasification conference will be taking place on the 13th and 14th of March in Brussels, Belgium.

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Gasification offers advantages over competing technologies in the processing of a variety of feedstocks into a diverse range of desirable products with more value and potential applications than the raw material itself. This product flexibility as well as the versatility and efficiency of gasification, make it an attractive technology now and for the future.

Many countries and enterprises are focusing extensive programs on performing the research, development, and demonstration necessary to maximise the potential for gasification in the future. Our 8th Gasification conference will showcase the latest developments in the sector and provide key insights from senior executives in the industry to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire gasification market.

Key Topics Include:

  • Drivers for the Gasification Industry - EU Regulations, Directives & Energy Demand: Future Forecast for Gasification Technology
  • Latest Gasification Breakthrough Technologies
  • Status of Demonstration Projects - Latest Project Updates
  • Key Products Derived from Gasification Process
  • Gasification-Based Cogeneration
  • Gasification Based Bio-chemicals & Bio-products
  • Research & Development in the Labs & Research
  • Gasification for Heat & Power
  • Waste Gasification: Status Updates & Recent Developments
  • Coal Gasification: 'Cleaning the Coal' Industry

2 Exclusive Site Visits

We are very happy to announce two exclusive site visits, one on the day prior to the conference and one at the end of the second day...

A day prior to the conference, in the afternoon of the 12th of March, a limited number of conference delegates will have a unique opportunity to join an exclusive site visit to the BioTfueL project launched by Axens, Avril, CEA, IFPEN, Total and ThyssenKrupp Industrial Solutions is designed to convert lignocellulosic biomass (crop and forest residues, dedicated energy crops) into biofuels via torrefaction, gasification and Fischer Tropsch. The consortium' goal is to develop an end-to-end set of processes for producing high quality drop-in fuels.

BioTfueL, a project to produce biofuels via thermochemical conversion

At the end of day two (March 14th), we invite you to join our second tour: XYLOWATT's NOTAR gasifier in Mont-Godinne - Come have a tour of the FIRST BELGIAN BIOMASS GASIFICATION TRIGENERATION UNIT, and discover their turnkey project implemented.

There is no extra charge to join a site visit, although places are limited and allocated to conference delegates on first come first served basis.

Therefore, we would strongly suggest to book your place early to avoid disappointment.

Who Will Attend?

Company type:

  • Energy Companies
  • Oil Refiners
  • Petrochemical Companies
  • Technical Service Providers
  • Consultants
  • Regulators

Job functions:

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Directors, Managers & Senior Engineers of:
  • Gasification
  • Clean Coal Technology
  • Biomass
  • Research & Development
  • New Technologies
  • Renewable Strategy
  • Sustainable Technologies
  • Environment
  • CO2/CCS
  • Business Development

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Early Confirmed Speakers Include

  • Paul Winstanley (Chairman), Project Manager - CCS & Bioenergy - Energy Technologies Institute - ETI
  • Marion Maheut, Process Engineer - Engie
  • Robert Schouwenaar, Team Lead E&D Gasification And Hydrogen Manufacturing - Shell
  • Tobias Ginsberg, R&D Engineer - RWE Power AG
  • Michael Hecquet, R&D Program Coordinator - TOTAL RC On Behalf Of Bionext
  • Guillaume Cheviron , R&D Manager - Axens on behalf of Bionext
  • Joakim Lundgren, Director & Assoc. Professor - Swedish Centre For Biomass Gasification (SFC)
  • Berend J. Vreugdenhil, Innovation Manager Gasification - ECN part of TNO
  • Jaap Kiel, Programme Development Manager Biomass - ECN part of TNO
  • Chris Higman, Principal - Higman Consulting GmbH
  • Jitka Hrbek, Senior Scientist - Vienna University of Technology, IEA Bioenergy Task 33
  • Reinhard Rauch, Professor For Chemical Conversion Of Renewable Energy - Karlsruhe Institute Of Technology
  • Jurgen Bohn, CEO - Xylowatt SA
  • Norbert Schmitz, Managing Director - ISCC
  • Krzysztof Kapusta, Head of Laboratory for Experimental Installations - Clean Coal Technology Centre
  • Sebastian Fendt, Group Leader - Technical University of Munich
  • Martin Seemann, Project Manager - Chalmers
  • Rikard Gebart, Professor - Lulea University of Technology

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Date: Feb 8, 2019