Tradition Helps 10 Local Governments Green Their Futures with Innovative Renewable Energy Products

Tradition Energy recently helped 10 local governments procure innovative renewable energy products and reduce their energy costs. The renewable products included sourcing 100% of the energy from solar and wind farms, purchasing from local community solar projects, and installing solar panels on the physical site where the energy is used. The procurements were innovative because they involved the integration of onsite or offsite renewable energy projects with traditional commodity supply transactions, and long-term retail contracts, some of which extend to the year 2030.

For the projects, Tradition Energy partnered with Mothership Energy Group, a national renewable energy consultant who provides analytical services for solar and wind energy management and specializes in innovative green strategies.

Among those participating in the renewable purchasing opportunities were the Port of Galveston, the Texas Cities of Mesquite, El Campo, and Pearland, Bard College in Massachusetts, and the Massachusetts Towns of Hanover and Millis.

“Renewable energy technologies and efficiencies have come a long way,” said Alan Kurzer, CEO, Tradition Energy. “Our local government clients are often surprised when they learn how easy it can be to develop a sustainability strategy, evaluate a variety of innovative renewable energy supply options and then execute a cost-effective solution that not only reduces consumption and expenditures in the near term but can stabilize rates for many years into the future.”

“If you are a government organization, today’s marketplace offers so many good reasons to be evaluating green procurement options not the least of which is to achieve long-term sustainability and cost control for your local jurisdiction,” said Maura Yates, CEO, Mothership Energy Group. “Renewables are no longer a ‘nice to have,’ they should always be included in any procurement discussion.”

Source: Tradition Energy
Date: Feb 12, 2019