New Simogear Reluctance Geared Motor - Compact, Rugged, and Energy Efficient

  • Extremely high efficiency and low losses especially in partial load
  • High dynamics due to low moment of inertia
  • Safe operation due to low motor temperature
  • Easy to commission - simply enter the motor code into the converter

Siemens is extending its Simogear portfolio with a new synchronous-reluctance drive system consisting of Simogear standard gear unit, Simotics reluctance motor and a Sinamics frequency converter for controlling speed. The solution has an output range from 0.55 to 4 kilowatts and is available for Sinamics G110M, G120D, G120 and S120 converters. Its efficiency class is comparable to IE4 and it is particularly impressive when operating under partial load when compared to asynchronous motors due to its greater efficiency and lower losses. In addition, the drive system is characterized by high dynamics due to the low moment of inertia and optimized control. Commissioning is also quick and easy – simply enter the motor code into the converter. An external fan is not required due to the constant torque/speed curve up to the nominal speed and the drive system is certificated to CE, UL/CSA and CCC is in preparation.

Maintenance and repair work is easy thanks to the modular design of the system. The motor is very energy efficient, hardly heats up at all, and therefore runs safely due to this excellent thermal behavior and the overload capacity, even at high speeds, mentioned previously. Optimum functionality of the drive system is provided by the interaction of the reluctance motor, gear unit, and converter which are precisely matched to each other. This results in economical operation and efficient performance of the entire drive system.

Source: Siemens Corporation
Date: Mar 28, 2019