Renewables Leader Says EPA Reprieve on Coal Does Not Stop the Rapid Growth of Clean Energy

In a just-released announcement from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), air-quality restrictions were lessoned on coal-fired power plants in an attempt to boost the coal industry's decline in growth.

"No amount of policy is going to reverse what is happening to coal now," says John B. Billingsley, Chairman and CEO of Tri Global Energy (TGE), one of the nation's top five wind developers, and Sunfinity, a residential and commercial solar provider and installer.

"But what needs to be clear is that coal and renewable energy are not competing," Billingsley said. "Turning to renewables for power generation is not only environmentally smart for our planet, it is economically smart as never before."

"As developers of clean energy through wind and solar power, our mission remains strong: to make clean energy available to all Americans at an affordable cost. At this point, the market has spoken. TGE and Sunfinity will continue to ardently grow our development of clean energy," said Billingsley.

"We also know at TGE and Sunfinity that the climate is changing, and the impacts are very significant in the U.S. and globally. We need to continue to give this matter the most high-level attention and consideration."

Source: Sunfinity Renewable Energy
Date: Jun 21, 2019