Siemens Mobility enters new markets for Smartron

Siemens Mobility is now also offering its Smartron locomotive in Bulgaria and Romania. The locomotive is available exclusively in a standard preconfigured version, which ensures cost-efficient operation and high reliability for customers. E-P Rail has already ordered four Smartron locomotives for Romania, and PIMK in Bulgaria a total of three. Authorization for placing on the market for the first Smartron in Bulgaria has already been received. 

"We've sold more than 25 Smartron locomotives since launching the product in the spring of 2018. The Smartron is a powerful and highly reliable locomotive designed for a specific transport function, making possible a simplified and cost-effective purchase process. Now operators in Bulgaria and Romania can also profit from this concept," said Sabrina Soussan, CEO of Siemens Mobility.

The Smartron has been available in Germany since March 2018 and is based on proven components of the Vectron locomotive, which has already demonstrated its reliability in over 220 million kilometers of service. The Smartron has a 1.435-meter gauge and weighs around 83 tons. The Smartron for Bulgaria and Romania operates on the 25 kV AC power system and is equipped with the PZB train control system. The locomotive is delivered in the standard color "Capri Blue." 


Source: Siemens
Date: Aug 30, 2019