Siemens to Power Natural Gas Fueled Plant in New York's Lower Hudson Valley

Siemens announces that it will supply and service power generation technology for the planned CPV Valley Energy Center in Wawayanda, New York  a natural gas-fueled combined cycle power plant (CCPP) that will have a gross installed electrical capacity of nearly 675 megawatts (MW). Siemens will also provide long-term service for the major components including parts, outage services, program management, engineering support and diagnostic monitoring. Siemens’ Financial Services (SFS) division is supporting the CPV Valley Energy Center’s development and construction, committing to provide $80 million of the construction / term loan. Once operational in the fall of 2017, the facility will generate enough electricity to power more than 600,000 homes  helping to meet the demand for power and increased reliability in the lower Hudson Valley.

 Siemens will deliver power island equipment that includes two SGT6-5000F gas turbines, one SST-5000 steam turbine, and three SGen-1000A generators. The gas turbines and generators will be manufactured at Siemens’ Charlotte Energy Hub, the global base for the company’s 60 Hz power generating equipment.

“America’s energy revolution is accelerating the movement toward clean-burning, low-cost natural gas. We’re pleased that Siemens’ modern power generation technology will be used to deliver reliable and efficient energy to citizens in the lower Hudson Valley region,” said Martin Tartibi, Senior Executive Vice President, Energy Solutions Americas. “As part of our partnership with CPV Valley Energy, Siemens’ expert technicians will provide service and maintenance that optimizes the performance of the equipment and maximizes the lifecycle of the plant.”

”Siemens has been an excellent partner throughout the development and commercialization of this premier electric generation facility,” said Doug Egan, CPV CEO. “Siemens technology will serve as the heart of this project and help us in delivering competitively priced electricity and cleaner air for the benefit of people across the Northeast.”

Siemens’ efficient technology will allow CPV to meet the stringent environmental requirements of the state of New York, while providing a cost effective solution for reliable power. CCPPs partner a gas-powered turbine with a steam turbine to maximize the use of fuel that is consumed. Exhaust heat from the gas turbine is used to power the steam turbine, greatly improving overall power-plant efficiency. Along with reducing the average greenhouse gas footprint per MW in the state, this specific project will also reduce water consumption per MW-hour of generation.

The CPV Valley Energy Center continues Siemens’ work with Competitive Power Ventures. Siemens supplied wind turbines and is providing long-term service for the Keenan II wind project in Oklahoma for CPV Renewable Energy Company, a subsidiary of Competitive Power Ventures.

Source: Siemens Corporation
Date: Jun 12, 2015