Nuclear Matters Welcomes Recognition by Cuomo Administration of Important Role of NY Nuclear Plants

Below is a statement by former Senator Judd Gregg (R-NH), co-chair of Nuclear Matters, on a concept by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to support the continued operation of some of the state’s nuclear plants as part of the administration’s broader efforts to meet its clean energy goals.

“Given the announcement that the James A. Fitzpatrick plant will close as soon as late 2016, we strongly support the recognition by Governor Cuomo that nuclear energy plants must be a component of the state’s clean energy strategy. We urge the administration to adopt this measure and include all of the state's nuclear facilities in acknowledgment that in order to reduce carbon emissions, you need an all-of-the-above approach that preserves nuclear in New York State for its significant role in providing carbon-free electricity.

“New York’s current nuclear energy plants provide 60% of the state’s carbon-free power and provide over 30% of the state’s energy, numbers that will soon be reduced with the planned closure of Fitzpatrick. In addition, third party experts have found that the further loss of these critical assets would cost New York families and businesses billions of dollars per year. So in addition to their environmental benefits, the state’s remaining nuclear energy plants provide significant economic value, as well.

At a time when nuclear energy’s benefits are at risk, this announcement is welcome news. We are hopeful that other states will follow in New York’s footsteps in recognizing that we need a serious approach to preserving existing nuclear plants in order to meet state and national clean energy goals.”

Source: Nuclear Matters
Date: Dec 4, 2015