Westinghouse Innovates New Inspection Technique for Sweden's Oskarshamn Unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant

Westinghouse Electric Company with subsidiary WesDyne Sweden AB has been selected by OKG AB to develop and qualify techniques and equipment to inspect the core shroud support at OKG AB’s Oskarshamn unit 3 Nuclear Power Plant (NPP) in Sweden.

The contract scope includes developing and qualifying ultrasonic and eddy current techniques for 70 millimeter thick Inconel 182 welds, as well as two new manipulators to inspect approximately 35 meters in five different weld segments. One of the manipulators will enter the inspection area through the restricted core grid openings inside the reactor that measure only about 300-by-300 millimeters.

“This contract award is a confirmation of the extensive trust the customer puts in our continued ability to deliver state-of-the-art solutions to mechanically and technically challenging work while meeting an aggressive schedule with safely delivered, high-quality services,” said Johan Danielsson, president, WesDyne Sweden AB.

"We are pleased to continue cooperation with Westinghouse and WesDyne on complex and fascinating development projects. In this case, they presented us with the best technical solution to our upcoming task," said Åke Jonsson, inspection coordinator, Oskarshamn NPP.

The work will be performed primarily at WesDyne Sweden AB, a nondestructive inspection branch of Westinghouse located in Täby, Sweden.

Source: Westinghouse Electric Company
Date: Dec 17, 2015