Westinghouse Express Installation Cooling Pumps For AP1000 By 37 Percent

Westinghouse Electric Company, Sanmen Nuclear Power Company, Shandong Nuclear Power Company, State Nuclear Power Engineering Company and China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Company together eight pumps for reactor coolants installed in the first China-built nuclear reactors the AP1000 model. The complex trial was 11 days accelerated by the profits made from the experience gained in the installations of the same pumps, reactor 1 of Sanmen in the province of Zhejian until the last pump for Unit 1 of Haiyang in Shandong province.

The eight pumps for reactor coolants, four at each location, installed between January and April. The completion of the first plant in Sanmen 1 took thirty days.

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Source: Westinghouse Electric Company
Date: May 6, 2016