JSC ASE Engineering Company has successfully passed the nuclear qualification audit for the project of Paks 2 NPP construction in Hungary

The nuclear qualification audit of JSC ASE EC, which is the General Contractor of the Paks 2 NPP project, has been successfully completed. This audit was carried out by Hungarian Owner MVM Paks II. Upon the results of the nuclear qualification audit carried out by the representatives of MVM Paks II Ltd. Company and ???? Regulatory Authority (Hungary), on 05 May, 2017 JSC ASE EC received the Certificate of compliance with the EPC Contract requirements in the field of project management and design management in the course of Paks 2 NPP construction.

The audit of JSC ASE EC was carried out by the Owner in Moscow and in Nizhny Novgorod within the period from 18 April, 2017 to 21 April, 2017. During the nuclear qualification audit,  JSC ASE EC has prepared and demonstrated performance on the following management processes: Non-compliance management. Corrective and preventive actions; Risk management. Automated risk management system; Audits of suppliers; Arrangement of procurements and supply control. Possibilities for Russian and  foreign suppliers; JSC ASE EC Integrated Quality Management System; Communication management; Safety culture; Paks 2 NPP Construction Project management, including demonstration of the Structure of the Project Office for Paks 2 NPP construction; Control of the documentation on Paks 2 NPP Construction Project management; Documentation and correspondence management. Electronic document flow system in the Project, including demonstration of the Concept for organization of the procedure stipulated for the electronic approval of the Paks 2 NPP Project documents and  framework of the external document flow.

In the course of the audit the Contractor has submitted the documents and records for consideration, demonstrated their application within the framework of management and implementation of the Paks 2 NPP Construction Project.

«Having completed the investigations of the competitive procedures and on the availability of the state support, the European Commission has supported Paks 2 NPP construction in Hungary,  and - as Mr. Alexander Khazin, Senior Vice-President for JSC ASE EC Projects Abroad, said,   –  it has allowed to proceed to full-scale Russian-Hungarian cooperation on the Project, which is essential for both Parties. We are starting to handover the design documentation for licensing to the Owner and preparing for the works directly on the Paks 2 NPP construction site».

The results of the audit have completely verified the competences of the General Contractor  - JSC ASE EC - and allowed to proceed to the active stage of implementation of the Paks 2 NPP Construction Project, taking into account that in March, 2017 construction of new Paks 2 NPP Units in Hungary was officially approved by the European Commission. In April, 2017 the Paks 2 NPP Project obtained the final environmental license and the nuclear power plant site license from the Nuclear Power Authority of Hungary. Obtaining of these documents is an evidence that the Project complies with the requirements of Hungary and the European Union. On the basis of the valid environmental license and the NPP site license, the Parties have  proceeded to works on obtaining a permit for commencement of Units 5, 6 Paks 2 NPP construction. The first works on the Hungarian site can be started in the beginning of the year  2018.

Source: Rosatom
Date: May 20, 2017