Green Generation Solutions, LLC to Upgrade More than 390 Pacific Northwestern Forest Service Facilities to Significantly Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy efficiency upgrades by Green Generation Solutions, LLC (GreenGen) at more than 390 United States Forest Service facilities in the Pacific Northwest will reduce electricity and natural gas consumption by 50 percent. The work will be done under an Energy Savings Performance Contract (ESPC) awarded to GreenGen, a DC region-based company experienced in engineering and implementing energy efficiency solutions, by the US Forest Service Region 6 Forests in the states of Oregon, Washington, and Idaho.

390 US Forest Service facilities getting energy upgrades from @GreenGenSol, significantly reducing consumption.

“GreenGen is proud to partner with the US Forest Service to support the Department of Agriculture’s vision for energy stewardship at federal facilities to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions," said Brad Dockser, CEO, GreenGen. "The Forest Service’s projects in these western states are an exciting opportunity to deliver energy and cost savings while reducing carbon emissions."

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The Region 6 ESPC contract for $4.22 million will be financed over a 23-year term to implement energy efficiency improvements, ongoing energy measurement and verification will reduce electricity and natural gas consumption. GreenGen will install a combination of measures including lighting, HVAC, and solar photovoltaics (PVs) to reduce energy consumption throughout 52 sites with over 392 buildings, including office and administrative, housing barracks, mechanical sheds, and fire truck stations. The Region 6 upgrades will take place in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho at the Deschutes, Malheur, Mount Baker Snoqualmie, Mt Hood, Ochoco, Rogue River-Siskiyou, Siuslaw, Umatilla, Umpqua, Wallowa-Whitman, Okanogan-Wenatchee, Willamette, and Colville National Forests.

The Region 6 ESPC follows GreenGen’s ESPC with the Forest Service Region 5 , which was contracted eight months ago for $2.7 million and will be financed over its 14-year term to implement energy efficiency improvements, ongoing energy measurement and verification reducing electricity and natural gas consumption by 90.5 percent. GreenGen is installing the energy conservation measures in 60 buildings throughout nine Southern California sites located in the San Bernardino and Los Padres Forests. The upgrades at the San Bernardino National Forest are taking place at Big Bear, Del Rosa, Idyllwild, Lytle Creek, Mill Creek, and the San Bernardino Supervisor’s Office. Los Padres National Forest sites are Los Prietos, Ojai, and Santa Lucia.

GreenGen is installing over 6,900 solid state LED technology lamps and fixtures, over 550 kW/yr of solar PV electrical energy production at eight separate locations, more efficient HVAC equipment at select locations, and improved controls systems throughout the two forests. The solar PV systems will generate over $152,000 of annual electrical savings, the lighting improvements will save $62,000 annually, and the HVAC improvements will generate over $22,000 in electrical and natural gas savings in the first year. Installation will be completed this month.

“The efficiencies we are bringing to the US Forest Service through the ENABLE program will save millions of dollars for US taxpayers and the environment,” said Colonel (Ret) Rick Gonder, GreenGen’s Director of Government Contracting. In fact, the Region 6 ESPC will guarantee first year savings of $230,035 and provide for $7.5 million in energy and cost savings during the contract term. The Region 5 ESPC will guarantee first year savings of more than $226,759 and provide for $3.65 million in energy and cost savings during the contract period. Combined these two projects will generate more than $457,000 first year cost savings for the US government while improving the environment.

The Federal Energy Management Program's ESPC ENABLE provides a standardized and streamlined process for small, federal facilities to install targeted, energy conservation measures in six months or less.

GreenGen is providing energy efficiency upgrades to 390+ US Forest Service facilities in ID, WA, CA, and OR--significantly reducing consumption.

Source: Green Generation Solutions
Date: Jun 20, 2017