JSC ASE EC is Carrying Out The Procurement Procedure for Paks-2 NPP (Hungary)

The General Contractor of Paks-2 NPP project, Russian JSC ASE EC in pursuance of its contractual obligations on construction of new units of Hungarian nuclear power plant Paks-2, started the competitive equipment procurement procedure.

On June 30, 2017, the tender was announced with the purpose of procurement of the turbine island equipment for Paks-2 NPP. The equipment – the turbogenerator – is one of the key components of the future nuclear power plant. Within the framework of the procurement procedure, a decision will be made regarding procurement of one turbogenerator equipment set for each power unit of Paks-2 NPP with electrical power of 1200 MW each.

The tender procedure is placed in the Russian and English languages on the official procurement site of the RF atomic industry zakupki.rosatom.ru., the Notification on Procurement in the English language is placed on international specialized sites, such as www.tendersinfo.com.php, www.tenderskhoj.com, www.infraline.com, www.globaltenders.htm, tendersinfogulf.com, www.neimagazine.com, powerglobaldata.com.

According to the procurement documentation, two sets of turbogenerators must be supplied for Paks-2 NPP. The procurement documentation provides all technical parameters of the equipment, the requirements which must be observed by the equipment manufacturer.

Source: Rosatom
Date: Jul 4, 2017