SSC RIAR and CEA (France) Have Signed a Contract Concerning Research at the BOR-60

The Research Institute of Atomic Reactors (JSC «SSC RIAR» in Dimitrovgrad) and the Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission of France (CEA) have signed the contract concerning research work on irradiation of experimental samples of absorbing elements in the research fast breeder reactor BOR-60.

The results of reactor and post-irradiation examination will be used to confirm the efficiency and to approve the design of the absorbing elements of the demonstration fast breeder sodium-cooled reactor ASTRID, a project of which is now being developed by CEA of France together with its partner organizations.

The official signing of the contract ceremony took place on October 10th at the CEA Research Centre in Cadarache, France.

"CEA is one of our key foreign partners. The new contract is a significant milestone in the development of the bilateral scientific-technical cooperation between the Russian and French nuclear scientists, moreover, it is a logical continuation of the ongoing RIAR works on irradiation and material testing of construction materials", – said Alexander Tuzov, Director of JSC "SSC RIAR", during the meeting with the CEA Director of the Department of Atomic Energy, François Gauché.

“The experiments carried out by RIAR play a significant role in the research conducted in the framework of the ASTRID project. CEA welcomes further strengthening and development of the cooperation with RIAR, which possesses all necessary resources and wide experience in irradiation experiments”, highlighted Mr. Gauché on signing the new contract.

In the framework of its official visit to the CEA Research Centre in Cadarache, the RIAR delegation visited the “hot cell” complex, the Julez Horowitz Reactor (JHR) currently under construction and the construction site of the ITER fusion reactor.

Source: Rosatom
Date: Oct 11, 2017