Tvel Fuel Company of Rosatom Will Develop a Unique Modification of Nuclear Fuel for Paks Npp (hungary)

TVEL JSC and MVM Paks NPP Ltd have signed an engineering services contract for introduction of modified second generation fuel assemblies for VVER-440 reactors at the existing units of Paks NPP.

Engineers of TVEL Fuel Company will develop a new modification of fuel assemblies with increased uranium capacity and optimized hydro-uranium ratio in comparison with the assemblies currently used at Paks NPP. This would improve economic efficiency of the power units while maintaining the current fuel cycle performance.

At present, Paks NPP is the only nuclear power plant in the world with VVER-440 reactors which functions in extended 15-monthes fuel cycle. TVEL currently supplies to Paks NPP second generation nuclear fuel produced by Machinery plant JSC (a fabrication enterprise of TVEL Fuel Company in Elektrostal, Moscow region). The valid contract relations between

TVEL and the Hungarian Customer comprise supply of nuclear fuel to all four 440 MW power units of Paks NPP till the end of their operational lifetime.

“The distinction of our cooperation with Paks NPP is the active hands-on approach of the Hungarian partners who look for the ways to improve the efficiency of nuclear fuel exploitation and jointly with us contribute to the technical part of this project. Putting highest priority on R&D and innovations development, Fuel Company of Rosatom TVEL offers to its customers cutting-edge nuclear fuel modifications, constantly improving their technical and economic features”, stressed Natalia

Source: Rosatom
Date: Nov 13, 2017