Eaton Awarded 2017 Best Technical Development in Energy Storage at IDTechEx

 Power management company Eaton today announced its line of XLM supercapacitors received the 2017 Best Technical Development Award in Energy Storage at IDTechEx in Santa Clara, Calif.

Eaton’s XLM supercapacitors help keep data centers, manufacturing lines and other industrial facilities in operation without the loss of data or damage to equipment caused by power quality problems. This immediate backup allows the system to ride through power peaks and valleys and transition to a longer-term backup solution. 

“We are honored to have our XLM supercapacitors recognized by IDTechEx,” said Jason Lee, Eaton’s global product manager for supercapacitors. “The need for ‘always on’ reliable power is critical for everyone. Eaton’s XLM supercapacitors are designed to save companies from power and data losses. A power drop from milliseconds to 10 seconds can cause a 2- to 4-hour power outage and cost millions of dollars.”

The IDTechEx Awards recognize company development and successes within the following technologies: flexible and hybrid electronics; wearable technology; 3D printing; sensors; graphene; Internet of Things; energy harvesting, energy storage; and electric vehicles. The award winners were announced on November 15 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Calif. 

Source: Eaton
Date: Dec 5, 2017