Leveraging Supplier Profiling Solutions for a Leading Renewable Energy Provider to Identify the Prominent Suppliers

dEdge, a global procurement intelligence advisory firm, has announced the release of their new ’supplier profiling study on the renewable energy industry’. A renowned player in the renewable energy industry with business functions spread across the globe wanted to identify the most profitable suppliers from a pool of suppliers and alleviate the risks associated with them. The renewable energy provider also wanted to seek ways to decrease excess inventory and procurement costs by leveraging the use of supplier profiling solutions.

The rise in energy efficiency improvements has increased the shift toward renewable sources of energy


Leading players in the renewable energy industry space are increasingly leveraging the use of supplier profiling solutions, as it helps them in identifying and profiling the potential suppliers across the industry based on their abilities. Supplier profiling solutions also help the renewable energy providers to improve cross-functional collaboration to endure collaborative partnerships with key suppliers.

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Supplier profiling experts at SpendEdge helped the renewable energy provider to identify the high-performing and low-risk suppliers and service providers, thereby regulating costs associated with compliance. Moreover, our supplier profiling solutions enabled the client to gain enhanced visibility into the supply chain processes. Also, the client was able to profile the suppliers better based on their performance and efficiency.

The supplier profiling solutions offered benefits that helped the client to:

Differentiate the suppliers based on their categories
Evaluate the supplier’s performance based on their risk management and cost management abilities
To know more, view the complete supplier profiling case study here: https://www.spendedge.com/casestudy/renewable-energy-industry-supplier-profiling

Source: Edge Resources Inc.
Date: Feb 1, 2018