A Round-table Session on Radioactive Waste Management and Decommissioning of NRHF to Be Held As Part of Atomexpo 2018

On May 15, the round-table session “The economic effectiveness and safety of management of radioactive waste (RAW) and decommissioning of nuclear- and radiation-hazardous facilities (NRHF) is the future foundation of nuclear power development” will be held at the X International Forum ATOMEXPO 2018.

The round-table discussion goal is to discuss problems with decommissioning of NRHFs and RAW management as well as advantages of the global partnership in this area. Special focus will be placed on improvement of economic effectiveness in NRHF decommissioning and RAW management and forming the public acceptance of the RAW disposal. The round-table session will include a panel discussion on challenging topics of this activity.

Luis Echávarri, ex-Director-General of the Atomic Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD/NEA) and Expert Council Member of ROSATOM, is to be the round-table moderator. Presenters of the round-table session will be: Head of Department of OECD/NEA Gloria Kwon (on new instruments to enhance effectiveness of NRHF decommissioning ), Director for International Issues/RAW Management at NPP Fukushima-Daiichi of Nuclear Response Service of the Ministry for Economy, Industry and Trade Satoru Toyomoto (on current state of Fukushima-Daiichi NPP, decontamination activities and treatment of contaminated water, Managing Director of Nukem Technologies Sales International (Germany) Ulf Kutcher (on the topical approaches to organize NPP decommissioning in Germany), McKinsey Senior Partner Stepan Solzhenitsin (on review of the best decommissioning practices in view of raising economic efficiency), Deputy General Director of JSC Rosenergoatom Concern Pavel Ipatov (on challenging approaches to NPP decommissioning  in Russia), First Deputy Director General of FGBU Gidrospetsgeologiya Mark Glinskiy (on geological justification of safe handling of RAW and NRHF decommissioning based on the sectoral information and analytical systems) etc. Aleksandr Abramov, the Deputy Director on the State Policy in RAW and SNF Management and NRHF Decommissioning of ROSATOM, will deliver presentations on the experience of ROSATOM in effective and safe decommissioning of NRHFs.

The discussion planned as part of the round-table session will be attended by a member of the ROSATOM Public Council A. K. Nikitin, Head of Project Office for Uniform State Policy of RAW Management A. N. Dorofeev, Senior Manager of Development and Implementation of ROSATOM Legacy Rehabilitation Programs E. A. Komarov, ,Director of FSUE NO RAO I. M. Igin etc.

Source: Rosatom
Date: May 4, 2018