SPIEF 2018 Emphasizes Momentum to Franco-Russian Cooperation in Field of Nuclear Fuel Cycle

On the 25th of May 2018, within the XXII St. Petersburg International Economic Forum business program, long-term contracts were signed by TENEX (ROSATOM’s company) and Electricite de France SA (EDF).

The contracts, subject to EURATOM approval, enable the recycling of EDF’s reprocessed uranium, produced in France from its spent fuel assemblies, in order for EDF to improve its economics, to save natural resources and to diversify its supply sources. The solutions proposed to EDF by TENEX rely on unique competencies and long-term experience of the Russian nuclear industry in handling reprocessed uranium.

“It is symbolic that the time when our companies concluded new major agreements coincides with the 45th anniversary of TENEX’s first uranium production supply to France, which took place in 1973. In practice, it paved the way to the global market for the Russian NFC products and services,” highlighted Mr. Polgorodnik, Director General of TENEX.

Nuclear Power 2016 - 2024

Nuclear Power 2016 - 2024

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Source: Rosatom
Date: May 25, 2018