Cost Effective Compact IEEE 1588 Ethernet Switches for Reduced Downtimes

Power redundancy eliminating a single point of failure Award-winning industrial design Ideal for digital substations, transportation and oil & gas industries

Two new compact rugged Ethernet switches have just been added to Siemens Ruggedcom portfolio. The IEEE 1588 conformant Ruggedcom RSG908C and Ruggedcom RSG910C reduce the total cost of ownership by combining precision timing information and data communications onto a single network. These two new switches come with an integrated DIN rail mount and front-facing interfaces for easy installation in space-limited areas. They offer redundant power inputs for both DC and high voltage AC/DC applications, eliminating a single point of failure. The switches are designed to operate in harsh environments with widely varying climatic and environmental conditions, which is ideal for digital substations, transportation and oil & gas industries.

Tested and certified to withstand extreme temperature, vibration and shock, the Ruggedcom RSG908C and RSG910C offer exceptional reliability for industrial applications that require high bandwidths and accommodate future network expansions. Both devices offer either a 24/48 VDC (10 – 60 VDC) power supply or a high voltage (85 – 264 VAC / 88 – 300 VDC) power supply depending on the ordered configuration. They can also be ordered with conformal coating.
The Ruggedcom RSG908C has a total of 8-ports including 4 Gigabit SFP ports providing ultimate flexibility in media and distance. It can connect up to 4 devices (e.g. IEDs) via its 100BASE-FX LC ports.

The Ruggedcom RSG910C has a total of 10-ports including 4 Gigabit SFP ports. It can connect up to 6 devices (e.g. IEDs) via its 10/100/1000BASE-T RJ45 ports. The Ruggedcom RSG908C and the RSG910C received a Red Dot Award in 2018 in the industrial design category. The products were recognized for their innovative industrial design representing a modular compact enclosure that allows high performance technology to operate at extreme temperatures while at the same time enabling easy and time saving installation in small cabinets and panels.

The Ruggedcom RSG908C and Ruggedcom RSG910C can be used for precise time synchronization in Electric Power industry; for high-bandwidth applications such as video streaming in Transportation industry, and for time-critical applications such as drilling automation, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and RTU (Remote terminal unit) solutions for wellhead automation, pipeline monitoring, compression or pumping stations in the oil & gas industry.

Source: Siemens Corporation
Date: Jul 3, 2018