PW Power Systems and USWS Partner to Electrify Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Production

PW Power Systems, a provider of energy solutions for the power generation industry, has its first customer in the oil and gas production industry. PWPS announces the signing of an agreement to supply 30-megawatt FT8® MOBILEPAC® aero-derivative gas turbine generators to U.S. Well Services, LLC (“USWS”) with delivery beginning fall 2018.

U.S. Well Services, based in Houston, Texas, provides high-pressure, hydraulic fracturing services in active shale and unconventional oil and natural gas basins. The FT8 MOBILEPAC gas turbine generators will power USWS’ patented electric frac fleets. USWS offers the first fully electric, fully mobile well stimulation system powered by natural gas, resulting in fracturing operations that are quieter, safer, and less disruptive to neighboring communities.

PW Power Systems President and CEO Raul Pereda emphasized, “The FT8 MOBILEPAC is the ideal technology for this application. It will dramatically reduce the time and resources required for mobilization and demobilization while enabling full electrification of unconventional oil and gas production. We are proud to partner with U.S. Well Services to make this advancement possible. Inexpensive and abundant North American natural gas has created a Change in Power.”

Joel Broussard, CEO of U.S. Well Services, added, “This agreement with PW Power Systems enhances the power generating capacity, mobility, and scalability of our operations allowing us to provide important benefits to our customers. We look forward to working with PWPS to integrate the FT8 MOBILEPAC into our electric frac fleets.”

PW Power Systems has a long legacy of delivering dependable and flexible gas turbine power plants. With a superior design that includes proven features of the successful FT8® SWIFTPAC® package, the FT8 MOBILEPAC gas turbine generator converts natural gas into electricity with high efficiency and is easily and quickly transportable by land, sea, or air. Its unique design enables very fast mobilization and demobilization with minimal crew and equipment.

Source: PW Power Systems
Date: Oct 11, 2018