EthosEnergy Awarded Multi-Million $ Stator Rewind Contract

EthosEnergy has been awarded a multi-million dollar stator rewind contract at a power plant in Arkansas. The contract is for a stator rewind.

Gregory Martin, General Manager, Farmington Generators Facility, EthosEnergy said, “Our ability to provide comprehensive recommendations to extend the life of the stator unit throughout the bidding process as well as our long standing relationship with the customer, made us the best fit for this project.

“Our relationship has been built through open communication and exceptional performance, which has enabled us to fully understand their drivers for this project.

“The generator stator was at the end of its life but by rewinding the stator with current, state of the art materials, we were able to extend the life of the generator which provided much needed reliability to the overall plant.”

Source: EthosEnergy
Date: Feb 27, 2019