INKY Announces New Strategic Collaboration with Oil and Natural Gas-ISAC to Strengthen Security Against Cyber Threats

INKY Technology Corporation, an anti-phishing startup, today announced its official acceptance to the ONG-ISAC (Oil and Natural Gas Information Sharing and Analysis Center) Strategic Partnership Program. INKY is one of ten security vendors that are being added through the program and is the only vendor specializing in anti-phishing selected to participate.

The ONG-ISAC serves as a central hub for its members in the coordination and communication of trusted and timely threat information to protect against cyber attacks. It aids in the protection of exploration and production, transportation, refining, and delivery systems of oil and natural gas through analysis of vulnerabilities and threat activity.  The program will enable INKY's subject matter experts to engage ONG-ISAC members through substantive contributions aiding in improving their overall security posture.

"Reliable and relevant information sharing is perhaps the most underutilized aspect of comprehensive critical infrastructure protection," said Angela Haun, Executive Director at ONG-ISAC. "Much of the most valuable data comes from our members themselves, including INKY, who will share insight into detailed threats and actual attacks on ONG industry organizations. As the exclusive anti-phishing provider among the group, INKY will be a valuable resource to our members looking to identify and mitigate systemic phishing attacks.

The joint partnership between INKY and ONG-ISAC aims to protect the ONG subsector against cyber attacks that could significantly impact the subsector's ability to provide critical services.

"INKY is dedicated to sharing information to help protect the ONG subsector and make it more resilient," said John Lyons, Chief Revenue Officer at INKY. "As we continue to face evolving threats on the industry, it's essential to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats to ONG's critical infrastructure and corporate systems before adverse consequences result."

INKY uses the power of unique computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and advanced visualization techniques to identify even the most well-disguised types of phishing attacks. The company's flagship anti-phishing solution, INKY Phish Fence, in combination with aggregated ONG-ISAC community sourced intel and data sources, will provide the oil and natural gas community refined intelligence to preemptively take action against new threats, respond more quickly to impending threats, and automatically address ongoing threats.

Source: INKY Technology Corporation,
Date: Feb 6, 2020